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SAM Beskidzki Wiatr

 The story begun more than twenty years ago, on the 28th of November 1990 exactly. That day arrived my first dreamed-of whippet SAM Beskidzki Wiatr called "SAM" or "SAMUEL" (IntCh. IKARIS of Felicitis Home x ANEMONE z Dalewic, breeder - Ewa Brzask Makiela). Because of him I am a whippet lover and I can't imagine my life without them.


And my adventure goes on... On the 31st of December 2004 arrived I LOVE WHISKY Lazarus, called "WHISKY" or also "PASZCZACZEK". I started my dog show andventure with her and she is the foundation of Minori ad Majus kennel.



In 2006 just before Christmas arrived from England to my house Nevedith OFA OZONE - "EDWARD". Edward is the whippet you can't stop loving - always joyful and happy, he loves everybody and everything. Every guest will receive lots of kisses from him. He is a very intelligent and full of temperament... He is my beloved english treasure.

In 2007 the first Minori ad Majus litter was born. I kept MAI Minori ad Majus "GRYZOLDKA" vel "GRYZIA" from that litter. She stole my heart and her daughter "TAMISIA" OTAMI Minori ad Majus did exactly the same. Tamisia has a wonderful personality - this is the quintessence of whippet for me.

The goal of my kennel is to breed healthy, beautiful and even-tempered whippets basing on english bloodlines.





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